plastic creative
june 2016 - Japanease Restaurant "ZEN" (Rome).

The management of the new and trendy Japanese restaurant, asks to Ricardo Macias, to  set up temporarily the internal environments.
3rd October - 10th November 2008
(Acquario e Civica Stazione Idrobiologica - Milan)

External and internal exhibition - also presenting  to the public for the first time - verisons realized with "artmodùl" technique.
Fondazione San Francesco Di Paola Onlus.

Collective exhibition.
VII edition of "Land Art Exhibition" -  summer 2016.
("IL DONO" - "the gift")
Sant’Anna del Furlo - (Pesaro/Urbino)

For this important cultural event, the author carries; "Il Dono", a work composed by metal prisms with ceramic tiles and panels, dedicated to a folkloristic story of the Mexican tradition.

It will confirm its presence in the same manifestation in other editions.
"San Marino Land Art"  - spring 2016 -
("IL DONO" - "the gift")
Repubblica di San Marino.

For this occasion, the author reinvents his work "Il Dono", reconstructing its shape and replacing the ceramic tiles.
It will be exhibited in the central square of the Republic of San Marino.

It will confirm its presence in the same manifestation in other editions.
6th June - 16th september 2017
("Disordered Perceptions")
Galleria "Arca di Noesis" - Colosseo - Roma

Personal exhibition dedicated to his 17 years of career, bringing some of his most representative works.
November 2017 -  January 2018
(charity's exhibitions for mexican's children)
Museo Etnografico Luigi Pigorini - Roma.

Ricardo Macias, organizes a market exhibition in a prestigious roman museum, for a fundraiser dedicated to Mexico's earthquake victims, for: "Save the Children" association.

Currently, his work (which was presented at the "feast of the dead"), is still permanently on display in the same museum.
27th april 2019
(musical competition and theater show)
Teatro  Ghione - Roma

Since the first edition (april 2017), the Start Evets artistic direction, commissioned to Ricardo Macias (for the 3rd time), the creation of the award.

In the 2019's edition, he already made some precious bowls, for guests and sponsors.
since 2nd - to 4th december 2016
Galleria: "Giulio Cesare Showroom" . Roma

His first and complete personal exhibition in great style, in a prestigious and original space in the center of Rome.
Between projections and a concentration of his works in "artmodùl", the author invites viewers to explore the mutation of life, playing with it without fear.

An important exhibition, with the support and patronage of the Office of Tourism of the Embassy of Mexico in Rome.

Watch the preview here.
28th January 2016
(institute: "Cervantes" - Naples)

Collective exhibition.
Ricardo Macías, begins his training, participating - since the  2002 -  in several collective exhibitions, also exposing temporarily in some luxury shops in the central of Rome.

He develops a "taste for sculpture", combining his first  vases, then creating and depositing the "artmodùl" patent, inspired by the "circularity of life".

In this way, he will exhibit "subjective works", where the spectator will be able to become part of the work itself, moving and replacing the sculptural ceramic tiles.
(Watch the whole gallery here)

On this page, the appointments considered the most relevant to his career.
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39 333-3295752