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"The true color of life is the body one, the color of the red hidden, implicit and explicit red heart that lives of its beats. And 'the humble color of the novel blood. “
( Alice C. Meynell -  writer and  poetess)

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"A man sets the task
of drawing the world. Spending the years, populates a space with images of provinces,
of kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, islands,
of fish, houses, tools, of the stars,
of horses and people. Shortly before his death, he discovers that the patient labyrinth of lines, traces the image of his face. “
(J. L. Borges - writer)

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"The invention, for me, is directly derived
from a kind of idleness, perhaps even a kind of laziness. "
(A. Christie - writer )

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“We can’t  start a fire without a spark”
( G. Carofiglio - writer)

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"Nobility gets obligations."
(duca De Lèvis - politician)

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"The fire consumes all. Water cleans. It sunder impure from the pure, The wicked from the innocent and what sinks from what rises. It destroys everything, but only to start again. “
(from: «Noah» - film)

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“pick up a cup of water from the ocean:
There you will find me “
(J. Kerouac - writer)

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"They say the seeds of what we will do, are in all of us. But to me, it has always seemed that those who face life joking,  get that seed  covered by a rich humus and a better quality manure."
(E. Hemingway - writer)

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"It's great the one who uses clay vassels as if they were silver, but it is no less who uses silver vessels as if they were clay. A weak soul does not know withstand the wealth. "(Seneca - philosopher)

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"The world is full of small pleasures: art consists in knowing how to distinguish them."
(LI PO - poet and philosopher)

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"It gives shape to the clay until it is wet"
(african proverb)

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"I always love being creative, if I weren't, I'd be bored ... and boredom is a crime."
(Karl Lagerfeld - stylist)

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"May your journey be twisty, windy, lonely, dangerous and bring
the most spectacular view.
May your mountains rise
up to the clouds and overcome them. “
(E. Abbey - writer)

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"Sometimes I think that the war
  is the way used by God to teach us geography."
(P. Rodriguez - comic)

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"We’re using too little parts our brain, and when we do, is just to apologize
for our reflections
and our instincts. "
(Martin H. Fischer - scientist)

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"In war,
the truth is the first victim. "
(Aeschylus - philosopher)

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"Inherent in each of us is the ability that allows us
to carry out whatever is defined by our dreams or goals.
What is missing in each of us is the training, education, knowledge and introspection
to use what we already have. "
(M. Twain - writer)

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In this page, we will present many of the works conceived as "subjective compositions" made in the compositional technique patented by Ricardo Macìas: "artmodùl".
Being unique works, it could be possible that what you are looking for has already been sold.
Do not worry; it will be possible to make another that will be "similar", 'cause the artist does not use molds.
"The airplane has revealed the true face the earth.“
( A. de Saint-Exupery - writer )

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39 333-3295752